Discover the art cities of Veneto

Tours in Verona, Padua, Treviso, Cortina, Asolo, Rovigo, …

In spring, summer, autumn and even in winter, ¬†Tours are all year long. The cities of art of the Veneto region can be visited all year round. This region is filled with treasure chests that hold precious historical and artistic testimonies. Venezia, Verona and Vicenza are all cities that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List; Padua with its elegant city center; “the painted city” of Treviso refined but without pomp; Rovigo with its shy but classy nature; Belluno, the entrance way to the magical world of the Dolomites.

There is even a less known Veneto made up of medieval villages, walled towns, places of spirituality, small historical centers and archaeological sites, the list is very long… there are hundreds of cultural and traditional treasures as well as local products scattered throughout the area that are waiting to be discovered!

The art cities of the Veneto region and their cultural events, fairs and markets, numerous shopping malls, excellent cuisine and fun are waiting for you. You will breathe an atmosphere of beauty amongst the churches, buildings, castles, old houses, villas, museums, paved roads, porticos and gardens of this region.


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